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Join us in praying for our city and those around us!

Every pin you see on the map above represents a location covered in prayer by someone at our church.  As a community, we have been actively praying for those around us, using the Lord’s Prayer as a model. It teaches us to pray for the things that are close to the heart of God. Praying this prayer has a way of tuning us into God’s mission on this earth. As we pray for God’s name to be made holy, we are asking that He would never be disregarded or treated as common and ordinary by anyone. Instead, we are asking God to make His name special and revered by all.

As we pray for God’s Kingdom to come, we are asking that God would draw people to faith through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we pray for God’s will to be done, we desire that God would open our eyes to show us how He desires to work through us to accomplish His mission.

We are praying…for the redemption of the world; for the radical defeat and ultimate uprooting of evil; and for heaven and earth to be married at last, for God to be all in all. And if we pray this way, we must of course be prepared to live this way. –N.T. Wright


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