Sunlight Lake Worth

Rooted in the Gospel, Sunlight Lake Worth exists to plant churches and grow disciples.  Our vision is to serve the community of Lake Worth with the message of the Gospel.

We are a daughter church of Sunlight Community Church and meet at 1325 North A Street in Lake Worth.  Join us for worship Sundays at 10 a.m.  We have designed our services with new people in mind. We work hard to be a friendly place where the clothes we wear and the words we use will be comfortable for people on any stage of their spiritual journey. Here are some important things to remember as you think about your first visit:

  • Dress as you feel comfortable. Most folks dress casually (shorts are ok, it’s South Florida!) some prefer to dress up a little and that’s ok too.
    We will not single you out. As a new church, everyone is new! We will do our best to give you a warm, individual welcome when you walk through the doors and then you can quietly blend in with the crowd.
  • Our services are typically an hour long.
  • “But I’m old, young, different denomination, different religion, different ethnic background….” We all, in our own way, seek God. Every individual’s journey is unique, be assured that Sunlight is a safe place where you can come and ask questions about Jesus Christ.
  • A sense of belonging is one of our greatest needs as human beings. We believe it is the church that gives us that sense of belonging which can only come from God. It is our hope that your “longing for belonging” will end right here.
  • The high point of a typical week at Sunlight Community Church is the weekend service. Each Sunday morning, we gather at 10 AM. We come expecting to experience God in some way. We come from all walks of life and from very diverse backgrounds.

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We have a bit of “ancient/future” feel in our worship services. We meet in a historic building that sits on the highest point of land in the city of Lake Worth at 22 feet above sea level. With it’s high ceilings and classic architecture it feels like a place of worship. We combine this with contemporary worship led by a band. The music team combines new choruses with some new approaches to some old hymns as well.

Families with children can register their children and then bring them into the main worship service until they are released to our Sunkids leaders. Ultimately, the programs for children not only speak to their needs and in their language, but also provide us with the opportunity to communicate to adults, concurrently in the auditorium, in a distraction-free environment.

The church service is about meeting with God, but it’s also about meeting with people. Relationships are the building blocks of the spiritual journey, and we need to be with, and encourage, each other along the way. It’s not good for any one of us to go it alone. We determine to find strength in purposeful relationships.

The teaching is the center-piece of the Sunday worship service. God has gifted our campus pastor to communicate the Bible in a way that applies to our daily lives. A given message may encourage, challenge, or provoke thought and action.

Here are details about some of our other ministries:


GEMS stands for “Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior.” This club for girls in first through eighth grades is the perfect place for them to discover who God created them to be. The Cadets program is for middle school boys. Together, they do crafts, camping and wood working projects together to build character while learning about God.


Do your children love attending Vacation Bible School?  Wouldn’t it be great if a church offered VBS all year long?  At Sunkids, your children can experience high-energy singing, interactive teaching, fun games, yummy snacks and more!  Sunkids is for children in grades K4 through third grade.  This ministry meets alternating Mondays at 6:30 p.m. during the school year.  Check the Events page for exact dates.

Youth Group

Our weekly youth group meeting is the heart of our ministry to young people.  Every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., middle school and high school students come to play fun games, meet new friends, sing together and learn more about Jesus. Join us as Jason Bruce, our youth director, looks to God’s Word to find the true meaning of our life and guidance for everyday living.  More than anything, though, we study the Gospel of Jesus Christ and rejoice in forgiveness we find in him!

Small Groups

Following Jesus Christ means more than an hour on Sunday morning. In our culture there are many people failing miserably at following Jesus because we have reduced it to such a small segment of our lives. Jesus gathered 12 people around him to establish the foundations of the church. If we hope to follow Christ we too must gather in small groups and learn from each other. We have numerous options for you to choose from in finding some folks to do life with, including groups for ladies and men, prayer groups and book clubs.

Service Opportunities

At Sunlight, we want to put faith in action starting right here in our community. There’s something for everyone… From the ladies who serve cold drinks Sunday after Sunday to our youth and those serving in our community… We believe that the place God calls us to serve is the place were our deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meets![Rather than begin our own service programs we want to connect with agencies already doing good work in the community. Agencies like Lake Worth Christian School, Kiawanis, the Burrito Project (feeding homeless), Oasis Compassion Agency, The City Council of Lake Worth, and other agencies are places we want to be actively involved.

Rev. Kris Vos leads our campus in Lake Worth, Florida.  Check out for all the details on their growing ministry. And follow them on Facebook for the latest updates!